We empower and accelerate biomedical research by developing unique data science solutions

Our advanced data analytics solutions address the challenges of molecular and biological complexity in drug discovery. We connect emerging data sources and life science content into advanced knowledge management platforms that deliver meaningful, biomedical intelligence.

OFF-X™ – is the first in a series of data and predictive analytics solutions to help support industry professionals and researchers in drug R&D, from the scientific knowledge management experts at BioInfoGate.

OFF-X is the first alerting service and database that allows drug R&D professionals to be promptly informed about the target-modulating effects of small molecules and biologics leading to pre-clinical toxicity or clinical adverse events.

• OFF-X saves users time by consolidating all information related to target modulation and associated adverse events in a single resource.

• OFF-X allows users to anticipate target class liabilities based on mounting evidence for individual drugs sharing a particular mechanism of action.

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