Sep 17, 2018

Bioinfogate has been invited to speak at the Chem-Bio Informatics Society (CBI) Annual Meeting "Drug Lifecycle Management and Regulatory Sciences - Frontier of AI-driven Drug Discovery Age" which takes place in Tokyo, Oct. 9-11, 2018.

During the Focused Session FS08 "Computational toxicology - practical and application”,  (Tue Oct. 9, 16:00-17:30), Josep Prous, Jr., Ph.D., Executive Director at Bioinfogate, will present “Interactomics technologies in the discovery of emerging drug target safety issues”.

The interactome can be defined as the global biologically relevant interactions that form a highly connected network. It can be understood as a map to investigate how individual genetic perturbations (i.e. the target modulation effect of a drug) propagate through the network and impact the system as a whole.

In his presentation, Dr Prous, Jr. will introduce how the the OFF-X translational safety portal coupled to advanced methods in protein -protein interaction networks can lead to:

  • Identification of potential safety liabilities associated to new targets by analyzing the neighborhood of our target of interest,
  • Assessment of adverse events safety hotspots
  • Better understanding of mechanisms of toxicity

The OFF-X Safety Maps initiative is the first interactome-based solution which considers target safety information from early discovery to pharmacovigilance, providing a unique collection of adverse event – target/action associations.

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About the Chem-Bio Informatics Society

The Chem-Bio Informatics (CBI) Society is a Japanese non-profit organization that aims to provide a platform for promoting cutting-edge interdisciplinary areas related to chemistry, biology, and informatics. The CBI Society is interested in molecular recognition and molecular modeling, in silico drug discovery, bioinformatics and its applications in medicine, information and computing approaches for drug design and ADMET studies, and emerging new technologies.


About Bioinfogate

Bioinfogate, a leading data science organization, is the producer of the OFF-X portal ( OFF-X is the first translational safety intelligence portal that allows drug R&D scientists to be promptly informed about the target modulating effects of small molecules and biologics leading to preclinical toxicity and clinical adverse events. Updated daily with expertly curated safety alerts, OFF-X covers more than 7,600 targets in all stages of drug R&D from emerging and first-in-class targets to targets for drugs that have reached the market.